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After completing my PhD in Social Psychology at Middle East Technical University, I worked part-time and full-time at various universities. I am currently working as an Associate Professor at Yaşar University, Department of Psychology.

I am the principle investigator of two ongoing research projects, funded by TÜBİTAK, both of which are related to conspiracy, paranormal and pseudoscience beliefs.

I have been an Associate Editor at European Journal of Social Psychology since 2021.

Apart from my personal work, I also continue my collaborative work with MINT Lab members.

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Epistemically Suspect Beliefs

Conspiracy, paranormal and pseudoscience beliefs


2012 - 2016

Middle East Technical University, Turkey

Social Psychology

Political Psychology

Social psychology of liberalism and conservatism

Moral Psychology

Evolutionary origins of morality, Moral Foundations Theory, the relevance of perceived threat to moral values


2010 - 2011

London School of Economics and Political Science, UK

Organizational and Social Psychology


2005 - 2010

Middle East Technical University - Northern Cyprus Campus

Business Administration

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